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March 30, 2023

250 Leading the Organization of the Future with the Father of Modern Day HR, Dave Ulrich | Partnering Leadership Global Thought Leader

250 Leading the Organization of the Future with the Father of Modern Day HR, Dave Ulrich | Partnering Leadership Global Thought Leader
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In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Dave Ulrich. Known as the Father of modern-day HR, Dave Ulrich is the Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and a partner at the RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. Dave Ulrich has published over 30 leadership, organization, and human resource books.    The discussion with Dave Ulrich touches on measuring a leader's effectiveness, the difference between being a leader and leadership, and how HR has evolved to become more crucial to company success. Next, Dave Ulrich addresses why leaders should focus on certainty while leading through greater uncertainty. Dave Ulrich went on to talk about the importance of positive accountability and emphasized the value of creating leadership brands that cater to customers' expectations. Finally, Dave Ulrich shared why good leadership involves empowering others and building their brands rather than just promoting the leader's brand and how that connects to the concept of value creation for stakeholders.

Some Highlights:

- Dave Ulrich on the characteristics of good leaders-

-The role and importance of HR in creating value for stakeholders

- How leaders can focus on creating value in uncertain times- 

-Why positive accountability is a necessity in outstanding leadership and how to do it well

-Dave Ulrich on how to empower others to build their brands

- Why the receiver defines value and the importance of that perspective in leadership

- The role of human resources in creating value for stakeholders through talent, organization, and leadership.

- The necessity of focusing on customer expectations in creating successful leadership models.

- Dave Ulrich on the one trait that all great leaders have in common

Connect with Dave Ulrich:

The RBL Group Website 

Dave Ulrich on LinkedIn 

Dave Ulrich at University of Michigan Ross 

Dave Ulrich books on Amazon

Connect with Mahan Tavakoli:

Mahan Tavakoli Website

Mahan Tavakoli on LinkedIn

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