Partnering Leadership PodcastLearn from the leadership journey of Greater Washington DC region changemakers and global thought leaders so you can align better with your purpose, grow professionally with meaning, and have a greater impact. Each week Mahan Tavakoli sits down for an intimate conversation with diverse leaders to learn from their leadership journeys so we can all improve, grow, and have a greater impact. 

The Partnering leadership podcast conversations go deeper to discover the essence of great leadership.  Partnering Leadership requires authenticity which is a core driver of this leadership podcast.

While every single episode can add value to your leadership journey, listen to them all to see the patterns of values and behaviors of great leaders.  That’s how you can also grow and become a true partner leader–gradually and then suddenly!

Listen to the trailer episode of Partnering Leadership podcast and you will have an understanding of the intentions behind this leadership podcast and how it will add value to your leadership growth and impact.