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Jan. 3, 2023

225 The Future is Now: Open AI's Chat GPT and the Exponential Changes Ahead | Mahan Tavakoli Partnering Leadership Insight

225 The Future is Now: Open AI's Chat GPT and the Exponential Changes Ahead | Mahan Tavakoli Partnering Leadership Insight
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In this episode, Mahan Tavakoli discusses why open access to powerful conversational chatbots will be viewed in the future as a transformational moment, potentially equaling the wide use and disruptive impact of the internet or smartphones. Mahan shares why artificial intelligence is starting its exponential growth curve and will impact all aspects of our lives and organizations. He uses the introduction of the robust conversational AI platform, ChatGPT as an example of how AI will transform our relationship with technology, leading to what he believes will be an augmented future of work. Mahan also talks about why leaders at all levels of organizations need to familiarize themselves with artificial intelligence, its many applications, and its potential impact. That's why this year, Partnering Leadership will feature interviews with artificial intelligence experts on AI's impact on organizations and society. Finally, Mahan shares a couple of fun pieces written by ChatGPT to get the listeners to think about the potential of conversational AI, not just as it stands currently but its creative potential uses in the coming years.


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