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Nov. 23, 2021

109 Leading with A Desire of Impact on the Community with Jerry Sachs | Greater Washington DC DMV Changemaker

109 Leading with A Desire of Impact on the Community with Jerry Sachs | Greater Washington DC DMV Changemaker
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In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Jerry Sachs.  Jerry is the former president of Centre Group, the operating entity that included the Washington Bullets, Washington Capitals, and Centre Management.  Jerry Sachs shared his leadership journey, including how he ended up working for the Baltimore Orioles, his move down to Atlanta to work for the Braves, and what brought him back to the Greater Washington DC DMV region. 
Jerry shared how he met his wife Joyce, her love and support as a lynchpin of the family, and her role in raising their son Gene and daughter Barb.  Jerry Sachs also shared how the entire family engaged in philanthropic efforts including, volunteering together at So-Others-Might Eat, soliciting Christmas gifts for families at the Children's Inn, and hosting Joe Emmerich's kids each fall before school began.  In addition, Jerry shared stories about Abe Pollin's commitment to giving back, recruiting the Washington Capitals, design of the Capital Centre, and the joy of winning an NBA Championship with the Washington Bullets (Wizards).  Jerry Sachs also talked about his commitment to the Greater Washington DC DMV community through many philanthropic efforts, including as a founder of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP).  

Some highlights:

- Jerry Sachs on how he ended up working for a sports team

- Recruiting the Washington Capitals and building the Capitol Center 

- The inspiration behind the Capital center design and features

- Jerry Sachs on why he helped found the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP)

- How Jerry Sachs championed effective alcohol management throughout sports facilities

- Jerry Sachs on some of the nonprofits he focuses his efforts on

- The impact of good role models in life

- Jerry Sachs on being authentic and recognizing imperfections

Also mentioned in this episode:

- David Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of The Carlyle Group (Listen to David Rubenstein’s episode on Partnering Leadership here)

 - Abe Pollin - former owner of Washington Capitals 

- Andy Ockershausen, former general manager of WMAL radio

- Chillum Youth Project

- Hoop Dreams

- Bob Hammerman, former Judge in Baltimore

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