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Relevance that Resonates!

Mahan has that special sauce, you know the one that makes a good thing even better?! I loved his interview with Shannon Huffman Polson so much, I listened to it twice. It’s important to interview leaders who have insights to share, but you must also engage your audience with different viewpoints. Mahan is an active listener and with his ability to quickly identify the critical “nugget” in a segment-he drives home the value of each conversation and of this leadership podcast. Shannon’s conversation on her new book, “The Grit Factor “ is about a powerful women leading through adversity. Added bonus during COVID and this interview is that Mahan gave his two teenage daughters a chance to ask Shannon a question. What a great opportunity for young women and all people to engage with a role model!

High-energy, high content.

Mahan brings a passion and many lessons and stories to his interviews; he prepares well for his interviewees, makes them the stars, but the real story of this podcast is the character, wit, and experience brought to listeners by the host.

An outstanding new voice

Mahan Tavakoli has a unique ability to connect with fellow leaders in a deep, transformative way. He makes people open up through an unparalleled level of transparency and humility which empowers and inspires.

Eager to learn

Mahan wanted to congratulate you for your great work. I can see this can make changes in people and as that result positive changes in society.