Building Community and a Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Tien Wong

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Tien Wong. Tien is the Chairman and CEO of Opus8 - private investment and strategic advisory firm. He is also Chairman of Lore Systems, an IT services company, Chairman of tech 2000, Inc., an Edtech company. Tien Wong is also the founder and host of the Big idea CONNECTprenuer Forum, a community of over 7,000 founders, CEOs, angels, and VCs.

Tien Wong is a successful entrepreneur who has founded many firms, served on the boards of numerous organizations and established a community that supports and encourages other entrepreneurs to succeed.

Some highlights:

- Tien Wong, on his early entrepreneurial experience and lessons learned from a failed start-up

- The driving force behind Tien Wong’s involvement in many different initiatives and organizations

- Tien Wong on the origin story of CONNECTpreneur

- Tien Wong on elevating entrepreneurial activity in the Greater Washington DC DMV region.

- The most critical factors for entrepreneurial success

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