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Jan. 25, 2022

127 The Influencer’s Influencer Leading for Community Impact with Akin Gump’s Tony Pierce | Greater Washington DC DMV Changemaker

127 The Influencer’s Influencer Leading for Community Impact with Akin Gump’s Tony Pierce | Greater Washington DC DMV Changemaker
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In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Tony Pierce. Tony Pierce is Akin Gump's Washington DC office partner in charge. He has more than three decades of experience in trial and litigation. In addition to his leadership at Akin Gump and impactful work on behalf of his clients, Tony Pierce has played a crucial leadership role in advancing business and philanthropic initiatives in the Greater Washington DC DMV region. Tony Pierce has served as past chair of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, serves on the Greater Washington Partnership board, and has played a leadership role in other civic and nonprofit organizations, including the Legal Aid Society of District of Columbia. In this conversation, Tony Pierce shares his leadership journey and the reason for his involvement to give back to the community through his involvement with many regional organizations.  

Some highlights:

- Tony Pierce on why he decided to become a lawyer and his initial successes in litigation

- Why Washington DC DMV region put together a bid for the 2024 Olympics and the reasons the region didn't get the Olympics

- Why Tony Pierce initiated a strategic review at the Greater Washington Board of Trade 

- The role of the Greater Washington Partnership in the Greater Washington DC DMV regional ecosystem

- How nurturing talent in the Greater Washington DC DMV region can attract more business to the region

- Tony Pierce's leadership of Akin Gump through challenging times

- The importance of in-person connections and interaction to organizational culture and talent development 

Also mentioned in this episode:

- Vernon Jordan, former adviser to President Bill Clinton

- Robert “Bob” Strauss, founder of Akin Gump

- Ted Leonsis, CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Owner of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards

- Linda Rabbitt, founder and chairman of Rand Construction (Listen to Linda’s episode on Partnering Leadership)

- Rosie Allen Herring, CEO of the United Way (Listen to Rosie’s episode on Partnering Leadership) 

- Trond Undheim, author and futurist (Listen to Trond’s episode on Partnering Leadership)

- Below Deck, reality television series

- Married at First Sight, reality television series

Connect with Tony Pierce:

Tony Pierce on LinkedIn

Akin Gump Official Website

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